Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIPs) Based on Fiberglass Core Material for Refrigerator Freezer or Construction

Vacuum insulation panel based on fiberglass cored material, a new energy efficient insulation material for heat thermal insulation, consists of three major parts: fiberglass core materials, getter materials/desiccants and high barrier laminates. As a special composite made of core materials and protective layers, it is integrated with the superiority of vacuum insulation and micro-pore heat insulation, effectively stopping convective heat transfer to perfect thermal insulation. With an excellent initial thermal conductivity of lower than 0.0025 W/m. K Compared with traditional PU insulation materials, energy-saving and environment-friendly vacuum insulation panel contains no ODS (ozone depleting substances) in its manufacturing process and widely applying to thermal insulation products such as cryogenic freezers, electric water heaters, vending machines, freezers, refrigerated containersice storage tanks, etc. We can custom the size&shape as your requirements, if you are looking for the fiberglass cored material vacuum insulation panels, please feel free to contact us.  

Products Details

Fiberglass CoreD Material Vacuum Insulation panels vips main advantages:
Maximum Thermal Protection (Low Thermal Conductivity ≤ 0.0025 W/mK)
Thin Design, (2-50mm thickness)
Reduce energy consumption, extent the heat preservation time accordingly.
Reduce the heat loss
Enlarge the inner space
Green Buildings
Excellent sound insulation
Reduce the energy cost
Improve the comfort
Firberglass cored material
About 15 years life span

Glass Fiber Vacuum Insulated Panels Application
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)] ≤0.0025
Cored Material  Glass Fiber
Density [kg/m3] 250~320
Puncture Strength [N] ≥14
Tensile Strength [kPa]  ≥100
Compression Strength [kPa] ≥80
Maximum Size 1000*1800mm
Thickness Range 2-50mm
Size Tolerance for Thickness  ±1mm(<20mm) ±2(>20mm)
Service Life [years]  ≥15
Flame-retardant  Level A
Working Temperature [℃]  -70~80
Durability (W/m.k) Increase rate  ≤0.001 ( Aging test)
Standard Size  300mmx600mmx25mm
 900mmx600mmx25mm or customized size
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